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Radio Frequency based wireless remote controlled digital camera with high Intensity LED flash lamp

The purpose this project is to control and monitor the Wireless Video Camera and it’s direction using a RF remote. The video images thus captured can be seen live on TV. It is a low cost surveillance  system used to monitor a larger area. The camera and it’s direction can be controlled by a unique wire less remote.

                Here the purpose of LED is to serve as a light source for the camera when ever it is operated in low intensity, the wording here means that the LED should again be controlled by controller such that it takes an input from a light sensor and glows the LED intellectually if it feels the light available in the surroundings is not sufficient enough to catch the images. By this we can make sure that we also save power to some extent.
                The major challenge here is we should think twice while programming to make sure that we are able to process both the tasks (camera direction and LED glowing) simultaneously with out any delay.

                This project finds its major applications while we are monitoring larger areas like political canvassing, cricket stadiums, international conferences, worship places, banking etc. This project assures us with more reliable and confident security system

                The major building blocks of this project are:-

  1. Regulated Power Supply
  2. RF Transmitter
  3. RF Receiver
  4. MicroController based Control Unit
  5. LDR based Light Sensor
  6. High Power LED and LED Driver.
  7. Motor driver
  8. Geared DC Motor
  9. Wireless Digital Camera  Transmitter
  10. Wireless Digital Camera  Receiver.



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