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Microcontroller and Triac based realtime temperature monitoring and control System

The purpose of this project is to control high voltage AC devices using Triac and a microcontroller. This projects aims to control the temperature of an electrical oven. The temperature can be controlled using a mechanical thermostat. But the drawbacks for mechanical thermostat are:

  • Mechanical thermostats have to be calibrated at the factory.
  • The accuracy of these devices is poor.
  • Mechanical components wear out over time.

Compared to the mechanical thermostat, the microcontroller based solution offers design flexibility, including the addition of user-friendly features such as the temperature indicator on a LCD display, automatic cutoff of power supply on exceeding of predefined temperature etc.

            This project involves development of microcontroller mother board which generates the firing pulses to control the Triac. It also involves the temperature measurement and display on a LCD (alpha-numeric) display.
The major building blocks of this project are:

    • Microcontroller Mother Boards with regulated power supply.
    • Zero crossing detector.
    • Optically isolated Triac firing circuit.
    • High voltage heating load to be controlled.
    • Alpha-numeric LCD display.
    • Temperature sensing module.



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