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GSM based Wire less heart beat monitor with digital display System

The purpose of this project is to measure the heartbeat and send the heart rate value to the remote location (can be a doctor) as SMS message.

GSM based heart beat monitoring and display system is a portable and a best replacement for the old model stethoscope, which is less efficient. It is a combination of a High Power LED and LDR sensor based heart rate monitor interfaced with a GSM module to transmit the heart rate of the patient to a remote location.

The functioning of this device is based on the truth that the blood circulates for every heartbeat that can be sensed by using a circuit formed by the combination of a LDR and LED.  Depending upon the rate of circulation of blood the heart beat rate per minute is calculated. This calculated value is communicated to remote person through a GSM modem interfaced to it.

   This can be designed to send the heartbeat in periodic intervals or on request.


      The major building blocks of this project are:

  1. Microcontroller based control unit with regulated power supply
  2. Heart Beat Sensor
  3. GSM Modem
  4. LCD Display
  5. LED Indicators
  6. Buzzer that beeps along with heartbeat.


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