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GSM Mobile Controlled PC (Computer)


GSM based Personal computer control system is a Micro Controller based control system which is interfaced to the computer through a wireless GSM network. It is a application dependent project which requires a specially designed application program in the hosting system i.e. our personal computer which has to be controlled should be installed with a application program such as Windows/UNIX environment so that it can understand the commands received from the controller unit.

                 Here we are going to interface our Microcontroller based hardware module to the Operating system of the Personal Computer, so that we can control the operations of few applications such as windows media player, notepad etc through mobile phone or modem from any where in the world.

                  The major building blocks of this project are:-

    • Regulated Power Supply
    • GSM Modem/Mobile
    • Microcontroller Unit
    • Personal Computer
    • PC drivers



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