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Embedded Realtime Projects
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Embedded Linux Projects (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone)

  1. Raspberry Pi based Home Automation.
  2. Sixth Sense Technology for Home automation using Orange/Raspberry Pi (SOOXMA 2015)
  3. Orange Pi (Highend Single Board Computer) based projects first time in Hyderabad, India.
  4. Orange Pi based GSM GPS Vehicle Tracking System.
  5. Raspberry Pi and LCD TV/Monitor based digital Notice Board controlled by Android Smart Phone.
  6. Orange Pi based Image Processing Robot.
  7. Orange Pi Lite/One based Image Processing home automation.
  8. Raspberry Pi 2 / Orange Pi based Eye ball movment controlled wheel chair.
  9. Raspberry Pi 2 / Orange Pi based Eye ball controlled Robot control.
  10. Orange/Raspberry Pi based RFID and GSM based attendance monitoring system (first time in India).
  11. Orange/Raspberry Pi based Live Video display Robot with Android based remote control.
  12. Orange/Raspberry Pi based image streaming Grass Cutter vehicle.
  13. Orange/Raspberry Pro based Fire Extinguisher Vehicle with Wireless control.
  14. An emergency rescue dispatch system for road vehicles for instant notification of road accidents and post crash analysis (IEEE May, 2014)
  15. Design and development of android mobile based bus tracking system (IEEE Aug, 2014)
  16. Mobile enabled bus tracking and ticketing system (IEEE - 2014)
  17. GPS based real time Emergency Aid System with analysis of latency in satellite communication (IEEE May, 2014)
  18. Vehicle location finder using Global position system and Global System for Mobile ((IEEE Aug 2014)
  19. Real time metroplitan bus positionin system desing using GPS and GSM (IEEE-2014)
  20. ARM11 based RFID access control system with Live Image Capture (SOOXMA-2015)
  21. Optical Flow Motion Detection on Raspberry Pi (IEEE-2014)
  22. The design and implementation of circuit breaker on-line monitoring device (IEEE - 2014)
  23. Raspberry Pi based interactive home automation system through E-mail (IEEE-2014)
  24. Design of a solar tracking system for renewable energy (IEEE-2014)
  25. Raspberry Pi as a Wireless Sensor node: Performances and constraints (IEEE-2014)
  26. ARM Based Implementation of Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Real Time Embedded System (IEEE - 2014)
  27. A plug-n-play internet enabled platform for real time image processing (IEEE-2014)
  28. Real Time Operating System on embedded linux with ultrasonic sensor for mobile robot (IEEE - 2014)
  29. Smart home automation system for energy efficient housing (IEEE - 2014)
  30. Liquid level control of Coca-Cola bottles using an automated system (IEEE - 2014)
  31. Design of tracked robot with remote control for surveillance (IEEE-2014)
  32. Design of Greenhouse Temperature Detection System Based on Linear Offset Interference (IEEE - 2014)
  33. An enhanced fall detection system for elderly person monitoring using consumer home networks (IEEE - 2014)
  34. Design of a RFID-based speed monitoring system for road vehicles in Brunei Darussalam (IEEE-2014)
  35. Design and implementation of a low-cost embedded Linux gateway for smart home health monitoring (IEEE 2014)
  36. Face identification implementation in a standalone embedded system (IEEE - 2014)
  37. Android based smart home system with control via Bluetooth and internet connectivity (IEEE - 2014)
  38. Automated electric meter reading and monitoring system using ZigBee-integrated raspberry Pi single board computer via Modbus (IEEE - 2014)
  39. Using of Raspberry Pi for data acquisition from biochemical analyzers (IEEE 2013)
  40. Bluetooth communication using a touchscreen interface with the Raspberry Pi (IEEE-2013)
  41. Development of Fire alarm system using Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno (IEEE - 2013)
  42. Full Software Radio transceivers (IEEE - 2013)
  43. Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing (IEEE - 2013)
  44. RasPi based liquid flow monitoring and control system
  45. Solar powered Raspberry Pi for automation.
  46. Embedded Linux based Energy Meter.
  47. Video surveillance based on Linux Embedded Mini computer.
  48. PIR Sensor triggered image capturing system.
  49. Embedded Linux based door access control system.
  50. GPS data logger using Linux single board computer
  51. MMA7660 I2C based MEMS Accelerometer Controlled Robot based on ARM11.
  52. Wireless powered raspberry Pi.
  53. Number plate recognition and automatic gate opening system using Raspberry Pi
  54. Image processing based Vehicle Number plate recognition and alerting system
  55. Raspberry Pi and WiFi based Industrial Autoamtion.
  56. Embedded Linux based DC Motor Control System
  57. Robotic arm design using embedded linux (Linux RTOS)
  58. Wireless control of Robot with video survalance (Embedded Linux)
  59. RFID interfacing with Raspberry Pi (Embedded Linux)
  60. GSM Modem based automation using Realtime embedded OS.
  61. Autonomous Robot using Embedded ARM based Linux OS.
  62. Android Smart and Raspberry Pi interfacing over advanced WiFi Protocol.
  63. Android Smart and Raspberry Pi interfacing over Bluetooth Serial Protocol.
  64. Student attendance monitoring and access control using Embedded Linux OS based single board computer.
  65. BeagleBone (Black) based Home automation.
  66. Beagle Board based Robot control.
  67. Multitasking Hardware control using embedded Linux.
  68. Solar powered Raspberry Pi for automation.
  69. Embedded Linux based Energy Meter.
  70. Video surveillance based on Linux Embedded Mini computer.
  71. PIR Sensor triggered image capturing system.
  72. Embedded Linux based door access control system.
  73. Construction of WiFi Printer.
  74. Android driven smart thermal printer.
  75. GPS data logger using Linux single board computer.
  76. Raspberry Pi based Text to Speech assistant for blind.
  77. Raspberry Pi (ARM11) based speaking distance meter for blind and engineering measurements.
  78. Design and construction of Raspi based weather announcement system of FM radio transmission.
  79. Raspi based Automatic Traffic signal status announcement system over FM transmitter. Useful in foggy/snow weather conditions.
  80. Raspberry/beagle bone based audio/visual calling bell.
  81. Beagle bone black based ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recogniton) System.
  82. motion activated alaram that sends intruder image as email attachement.
  83. IoT (Internet of Things) based home automation using Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black.
  84. Wireless Mouse Controlled Raspberry Pi Robot.
  85. Wireless Mouse operated Robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom.
  86. Raspberry Pi single board computer for Smart City applications.
  87. Raspberry Pi zero single board computer for Robotic applications.
  88. Raspberry Pi Zero based ($5 computer) fire sensing robot.
  89. Raspberry Pizero based low cost wifi and Android controlled robot.
  90. Pizero (new) low cost multisensor monitoring and control system.
  91. realtime gprs irrigation monitoring using Raspberry Pi.
  92. We implement low cost IEEE and costomised ARM9 and ARM11 based projects for M.Tech college Students. We also provide Online Embedded Linux Training.

Students will be provided with following:

  1. Complete working Hardware Kit.
  2. Project Abstract, Circuit Diagrams and Block Diagrams.
  3. Power Point Presentations.
  4. Project working procedure.
  5. Documents/Data Sheets related to all the components used in the project.
  6. Project Confirmation/Acceptance letter and Completion Certificate from Sooxma Technologies.

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